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New Content and a Challenge

by on Nov.16, 2011, under Personal,

I know it’s been a while since I posted here. I also know that there’s probably very few people who have stopped by for reasons beyond looking for Still Alive or other tidbits of information, but I think it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Because I’m nearing the end of my academic career (and am now filled with answers on many of the “why’s” of computer science), I feel that some research is in order. Although the New Year is still a month and a half away, I’ve already made my resolution: I am going to strive to learn something new every day, and attempt to describe that knowledge here.

Now, when I say “something new”, I do not mean “a random fact that I happened to overhear today”. Instead, I mean approximately an hour’s worth of research on the topic. My goal here is to provide myself with a deeper understanding of the practical applications of the theory that I have studied at the University of Waterloo. In addition, I feel this experiment will  give me a chance to explore many of the interesting topics that I overhear every day. Finally, it is an opportunity for me to improve my comprehension, communication and research skills so that I may better represent my thoughts and ideas in a way that others can understand. For those few people who subscribe to this blog at the time of this writing, I encourage both positive and negative feedback on the ideas and research presented here.

Due to the fact that I am just entering the term-end crunch at school, I will probably not be posting very much until after the holidays (this is a New Year resolution, after all), but I may sneak one or two entries in during the Christmas break. Until then, I will keep anything interesting written down until I have time to research it.

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Looking for Something Old?

by on May.17, 2009, under

Update: Aww, nuts. You can find information on how to extract your own files from GCF archives here. Still Alive can be listened to and downloaded from my file repository here.

It has come to my attention that there are still a few links to the old version of this site. As I want to avoid the dreaded 404 error, I will be redirecting those links to this post. If you’re looking for the Portal Song (Still Alive), you can listen to it on YouTube. If you’re looking to extract information from GCF archives, I may cover this when Valve gets around to releasing HL2: EP3.

Sorry for the inconvienience. I lost some data during site migrations.

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Back, and Aiming to Stay Active

by on May.28, 2008, under

After a brief database corruption, I have managed to reinstall WordPress on this site. I have to say for one, that I’m very impressed with the quality of the Admin Panel in this version of WP. The last version that I installed (yes, laugh if you must at both my laziness and any website insecurity) was way back in June 2007, and it looks like the platform has come a long way since then.

For those of you who actually used my site for information, have no fear, as I will be recovering the lost articles and posting them again (apparently PHP Form input is a difficult task). Additionally, I have to rework my Google Analytics settings. To be honest, I’m not going to put any Google Adsense ads on the site. The traffic that this site generates is not sufficient to keep the (not-so) trendy ads on the site.

I’d like to bring back some interesting sections that I originally planned, but I couldn’t keep updated. One of my favorites was OCRemix Mondays, and since there’s such a large selection of tunes over at Overclocked ReMix, I should have enough content to last me for a while.

Another planned section is the weekly web links. I will be trying to compile a list of interesting links every week and putting them out on Fridays. This will include the various web comics, articles and other fun reading that I run across during my daily RSS feed reading.

Finally, I’m planning to post actual useful content once in a while. Things from tutorials to tips and tricks to whatever else I can think of. We’ll see what happens here, but I have a few DIY projects coming up, and I’m going to try to keep track of them so that I can share my accomplishments (or hilarious failures) with the world.

First I have to find a non-crappy WordPress theme….

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