Warren Gray

Hi, I’m Warren.

I’m a graduate of the Computer Science (Software Engineering) program at the University of Waterloo. Currently, I work as at Arctic Wolf Networks, a start-up located in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. Previously, I was employed as a Senior Software Development Engineer at Blue Coat Systems and a BIS Tools Developer at BlackBerry. Prior to that, I was employed at COM DEV as software developer for the MUX Engineering team. I also spent a year at Maplesoft as a Marketing Assistant.

In my spare time, I enjoy developing software, playing video games, and volunteering in the community. Below is a list of a few of the software projects I’ve worked on.

  • GhostWriter: A PHP and MySQL based content management system, similar to WordPress. Features included:
    • Secure, session-based user authentication.
    • Support for multiple contributors and editors.
    • Support for embedded video and audio by way of flash player.
    • WSIWYG text editor for creating and editing posts.
    • Dynamically generated RSS feeds.
  • Kingdom of Time: A PHP and MySQL browser game. Features included:
    • Modular game components, with the ability to dynamically add and remove unit and building types.
    • Secure, hash-based authentication system with password reset system.
    • Algorithm-based combat system that allowed users to interact with other players’ units.
    • Private messaging system to facilitate user-to-user communication.
    • Time-based resource generation and unit building system.

In addition to the above mentioned PHP projects, I have also developed software and content using:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Python

I also share in a business partnership with Dave Lahn and Jake Billo called EdgeLink Consulting. We provide consulting and repair services for computers and other home electronics and officially registered as a business in May of 2007. For more information please see our website, or email me.